Financial Assistance Programs

Whether it's an unexpected medical bill or a mass lay-off, we may experience the moment when we don't have enough. Below is a list of helpful programs that may assist you in your time of need. 

Remember, it's always best to communicate with your management company or lender to let them know you're working on things. 

Why is Paying My HOA Dues Important?

There are many reasons to pay your dues. For one, not paying your portion means your neighbors will have to pick up your part. Most communities have shared expenses and utilities which are vital to your home. These include water, electricity, insurance on buildings and common spaces, lawn maintenance, and many more. Not paying your part may put these services at risk.

Secondly, your HOA has an obligation by law to ensure that everyone pays their fair portion, even if that means getting an attorney involved. This could result in collections, liens, even foreclosure on your home. 

Thankfully, we're here to help prevent those things from happening.

An online resource to help you find federal benefits you may be eligible for in the United States. Mortgage Relief

Apply for a temporary mortgage relief program due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Red Rock HOA Payment Plan

Apply for a payment plan with your Homeowners Association.

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