Here's why street parking is a problem

We've all done it. Some times parking in the street in front of your home is just convenient. Playing Tetris with cars in the drive way can be a pain and forget about walking. Unfortunately, parking in the street in a community that does not have designated street parking can be a huge problem. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid parking in the street and some ways to fix it.

Emergency Vehicles

The reason most HOA's enforce street parking is because the streets are not wide enough which can prevent emergency vehicles from responding. This can affect the time it takes for Fire, EMT, and Police responders to make it to an emergency. And in their field, seconds can be the difference between life and death. They have also been known to fine and pursue those vehicle owners that get in the way.

Pedestrian Safety

Wether it's a child chasing a ball, a morning jogger, or someone walking their dog, a driver can't avoid what they cannot see. Cars parked in the street block your field of view and create more obstacles to navigate around which can be dangerous.

Beautification and Property Value

Sorry, but your neighbor doesn't want to look out the window to see your Honda. Neither does that potential buyer. In a recent article from studies show that neighborhoods who enforce street parking have higher home values.

Damage to Your Car

Parking in the street also puts your vehicle at risk for damage. This can be the accidental fender bender or a bad basket ball pass. Many communities also have towing contracts where tow companies patrol and enforce parking. Needless to say, you don't want to wake up in the morning to find your van has been towed.

Where Should You Park?

You should always do your best to park in your designated parking spot, driveway, or garage. If you have company over and cannot fit another car, there are often visitor spots available or common areas in your HOA like the pool or playground. If you need to park in a common area for a short term, always get permission with your board or management company. Another idea may be to clean out that garage. There are tons of storage options and if we're all honest, some of those boxes will find a better home at Goodwill.

If you truly have a parking issue where space is not available, always reach out to your management company for recommendations. In short, keeping your street clear is better for you and better for your neighbors.

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