How to get rid of WEEDS!!!

Weeds! We all hate weeds. They are one of the biggest distractors to a great yard. From our experience, the best way to keep them under control is to get out there and pull them by hand (which is no fun, btw) or by applying pre-emergent, which prevents weeds from growing. More on pre-emergent herbicides HERE. has a great article which covers the many things you can do to prevent and rid your yard of weeds. Many of the pros recommend staying consistent in the battle against weeds and following a schedule.

Early spring – Inspect your lawn as spring approaches and then decide on the treatment. If you're using herbicide, apply a pre-emergent shortly before annual weeds, such as crabgrass, begin to grow in the spring. A good rule is to apply the pre-emergent before the dogwoods begin to bloom. You may decide to use a pre-emergent combined with fertilizer as an early lawn treatment.

Late spring – In the middle of the growing season, determine which weeds have come back and repeat weed killer application or remove weeds selectively with herbicide or by hand.

Fall – If you're using herbicide, treat your lawn one last time with a general weed killer after the final mowing. Remove large weeds by hand to ensure they will not survive over the winter.

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